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Tis I, Ash Gaikwad

Hello 👋
I am a software engineer and usually write about tech, products and designs. Currently building a few apps with everyone's favorite Ruby on Rails and friendly stack. You can read about some of the cool tools I used recently in this article.

Checkout PrettySkirtsShop . It's built using Ruby On Rails 💎🚂.

I have some open-source projects on GitHub. I also published some NPM packages in the past and like all those hobby NPM authors, I'm not maintaining any of those packages. Most of my daily work is on GitLab (and private). I post on YouTube sometimes; so I guess like, share and subscribe!

Start reading here 👁️‍🗨️

Ping me on GitHub @ashgkwd

for some cool peer programming sessions over coffee. How? Well, I'm not so sure. Maybe create some Issues or even better make a PR for one of my projects. Lol. I'm also on Mastodon for convenience